Caren Klein


Caren Klein is a New England artist that focuses on social issues. Her work is based off her experiences with minorities and other diverse communities. Color is a big part of her pieces. Her art invites the viewer to create their own narrative.

Growing up in the 1960’s racially divided south with blatant prejudice. Caren learned first-hand about mistreatment being a Jewish minority, understanding how discrimination effects oneself. Being a sensitive human being she found refuge in creating art.

Caren has traveled with backpack to countries in Central , South America and Europe experiencing how other cultures live.

AA clothing design El Centro
Painting courses Mass College of Art, DeCordova Museum
Bachelor of Social Work Atlantic Union College
Master Social Work University Of Connecticut

Continuing education:
Water color painting classes with Dewitt Harding, Dustan Knight
Collections Private collectors throughout US
Exhibitions Kittery Art Association, White Heron Tea and Coffee Shop