Darren Glasgow



Abstract art is timelessly beautiful. The beauty mostly lies in its timelessness, but also in the inexplicable draw to something that is really nothing. Context is unnecessary for abstraction - the viewer sees how they choose to and emotes in whatever form they please. Whether these emotions are projection or introspection is a question for the viewer to them self. Unsure what side of myself is showing or what I'm trying to accomplish in these works but whatever that is, this is that.

Composition, color, form, and texture are the elements I'm concerned with, in the definite and limited space of a canvas. My works are abstract large(r) oil paintings on canvas with complimentary colors adjacent to and in combination with one another, layers and shading for a sense of space, and patterns for motion.

Background Info:

I'm from Maryland in the suburban DC area and always loved drawing and painting. Though still a class short of completing a minor in Art at Elon University, I earned a BS in Finance in 2006. After hating 5 years of working in real estate finance I went back to school in 2011 for Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales in Denver, Colorado. I have been a cook, and now Sous Chef ever since. I have bounced around with my wife from Denver to Wyoming to Vail, CO to Charleston, SC until landing in the seacoast region in 2015.