Nancy  Houlihan

Collage | Monotype | Wood & Lino Block

Member of the Art Center in Dover, NH and the New Hampshire Artist Association in

Portsmouth, NH

I lived and worked in Massachusetts for most of my life. While working fulltime in technology I

took art classes at the Danforth Museum School, Framingham State University and the

Worcester Art Museum School. Then several years ago I moved to Portsmouth, NH and

decided to focus on my creative side. I am enjoying the Seacoast’s vibrant artist community and

its natural beauty where I get much of my inspiration for my art.

In my collages, I take disparate bits of paper and combine them to create shapes, texture,

movement, and depth. I use ‘found’ papers from old books and maps, as well as tissue paper,

pen & ink drawings and scribbles in my work. Some pieces are abstract while others showcase

the scenery around New England. My monotypes focus on the fluidity of the natural, landscapes, the sea and coastline. My wood & linoleum blocks are typically

printed in black to create crisp, dramatic images.