Rebecca  Klementovich

Rebecca’s work unites Abstract painting with Landscapes. She uses a unique colorful palette to express nature. Her best description of her is work is by dropping the horizon line it makes a landscape abstract.

Graduating from the Fashion Institute of technology NYC, she specialized in fashion illustration. Rebecca was a textile designer and fashion art director for 22 years in the city, where she began her love of color. Her art career gave a strong design component in her paintings. Her Fashion illustration work gave her the skill for more gestural and bold color palette for her landscapes and abstracts. Rebecca lived in the mountains which gave her a more lyrical and loose depiction of the land.

Rebecca lived in northern New Hampshire near the Mount Washington area for many years. The mountains gave her the nostalgia and the lyrical feeling for the landscapes. All of these elements have produced these large, modern, unique fine art paintings. She now lives near Portsmouth, NH.