Tim Gilbert

Tim was awarded a football scholarship to Syracuse University and accepted it because of the university’s School of Art. After his freshman year, which consisted of a basic art foundation, Tim majored in painting. His most important influence as an artist was Professor Larry Bakke. In both Bakke's work and teaching activity there was a combination of intellectual content, artistic form and cultural awareness that is worthy of study, even though, or precisely because it reveals fundamentals which have been known since the beginning of art history. Tim took a leave of absence from the university half way through his junior year. He lived in Stockholm, Sweden and also traveled Europe. He spent time in Paris, Florence and London; spending most of his time in the fine art museums and galleries each city had to offer. 


On his return home, Tim married his wife Brenda and returned to Syracuse University in order to complete his undergraduate degree. Upon graduation, he began his advertising career in Boston at the renowned advertising agency, Hill, Holiday, Connors, Cosmopulos. Over the years Tim painted, but never had the opportunity to paint full time. His advertising career was distinguished with a number of awards and recognition. And after forty years of working for a number of major agencies and owning a number of his own, he retired. Now he has dedicated himself to fulfill that one passion he has always had, to paint. By establishing a studio at The Art Center in Dover, New Hampshire, he has made a commitment to his art.